Wireless Communications

The connectivity and data needs of shoppers and associates are growing

Today’s shoppers want easy connectivity, immediate access to information and associates who can quickly and accurately answer their questions. That’s why it’s critical for retailers to implement secure, robust and reliable communications systems that give shoppers the wireless experience they expect, and the secure access that associates depend upon.


Your shoppers and associates expect access to a secure, stable wireless network. Associates need to connect to business applications from anywhere in the store. Shoppers want to shop, surf and post to social media. You need to keep business-critical data separate and safe, and would like to extend the benefit of in-store Wi-Fi to send personalized information and promotions to shoppers’ smartphones.


Keep your store networks running and scale size, bandwidth and security as your business grows. Provide access for associates and the wireless connectivity that shoppers expect. And, take it a step further when you use our MPact Platform for Mobile Marketing to send targeted mobile messages, through a combination of Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® technology, to enhance the shopping experience


  • Upgrade communications capability easily and affordably.
  • Enable associates to securely use a variety of reliable, service-enhancing devices.
  • Support associate BYOD programs.
  • Offer shoppers easy access to wireless connectivity and information.
  • Enable omni-channel retailing for a smarter, more profitable store.
  • Earn sales and repeat visits with improved service.


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WLAN Selector Tool solutions

Finding the right wireless LAN products for your customers is easy. Just answer a few brief questions, and receive a detailed list of the products and solutions you can offer them.



The AP 7532 802.11ac access point adds bandwidth and performance to your network — a must for supporting high-density traffic from laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices – while delivering advanced security options. Configure the AP 7532 to act as an in-line sensor for client location awareness and as a tool for security threat analysis, or dedicate a single unit to a security role full-time for greater power and performance. This is the type of flexibility network managers will appreciate when designing your secure network.


AP 8232

Support the performance demands of your busy network with dual radio 802.11ac with channel agility that maximizes performance to accommodate a wide range of client devices with mixed capabilities. Snap-on expandability allows you to add up to two modules to the base for added flexibility, such as environmental applications and security features.


NX 7510E

Get the power of award-winning WiNG 5 architecture in a cost-effective, multi-site, enterprise-class WLAN management platform without compromising performance or scale. This solution can scale up to 1,024 WiNG Express access points – ideal for small-to mid-sized businesses that need to scale quickly as they grow – and is easy to install and manage.


Airdefense Infrastructure Management

The AirDefense Infrastructure Management solution offers centralized management and control for the wireless enterprise – a single console for multi-vendor, multi-architecture, multi-generation and multi-version WLAN management. The solution’s, vendor and device agnostic, UI ensures consistency in configuration, compliance with policies, while reducing device and model specific expertise required by network administrators. Instead of managing multiple systems, administrators have a centralized management console to update device configurations and firmware, monitor device status, capture faults, audit and automatically correct device configuration issues, gather network statistics and generate compliance reports.

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Airdefense Network Assurance Solutions

The Zebra AirDefense Network Assurance Solutions offer a unique set of tools for vendor agnostic, WLAN performance monitoring and remote troubleshooting of RF problems. Remote sensors or access points continuously monitor the airwaves. Zebra analyzes traffic flow to interpret WLAN performance and to identify common characteristics that may impede network performance such as interference from neighbouring WLANs, channel overlap, over-utilized APs & channels, network congestion, and performance degradation. By providing a view of all WLAN traffic, the Network Assurance tools enable network administrators to remotely troubleshoot performance problems, monitor network availability, and remedy policy violations.

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Airdefense Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention

As wireless LAN deployments increase, so does the challenge to provide these networks with security. The AirDefense Security & Compliance solution includes the most advanced 24×7 wireless monitoring tools which allow IT staff to identify network attacks and vulnerabilities, and to instantly terminate the connection to any rogue device. The system uses collaborative intelligence, with access points/dedicated sensors that work in tandem with a server appliance to monitor all 802.11 (a/b/g/n) wireless traffic. The solution provides complete protection against wireless threats and offers policy and compliance monitoring.


Airdefense Bluetooth Monitoring

AirDefense Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention Bluetooth® Monitoring is the world’s only solution for detecting suspicious Bluetooth devices, allowing retailers to address the very latest retail threat — the Bluetooth-enabled payment card skimmer. The cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solution can be up and running in as little as a day, improving payment card security without increasing operational costs.

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Airdefense Mobile

AirDefense Mobile simplifies design and implementation of wireless LANs and allows you to conduct quick and accurate scans to ensure the health of your wireless LAN. With our SiteSurvey tools, you get an easy-to-use tool for designing and verifying Wi-Fi coverage. SiteSurvey also features quick collection of data to remedy issues such as network degradation. The WLAN Analysis tools give you visibility into the 802.11 protocol and higher-level graphical analysis of devices and traffic patterns. An essential security and network management tool that gives IT professionals a holistic view of their wireless network, AirDefense Mobile brings quick resolution to network issues.


FIPS Validation

WiNG 5 brings a new level of flexibility to Zebra FIPS-certified WLANs. With support for indoor and outdoor access points, tri-radio access points, WiNG 5’s superior scalability, plus the ability to upgrade existing select Zebra WLAN infrastructure to FIPS validation, it’s easy to bring government grade AES-256 security to just about any wireless LAN application. The WiNG operating system makes it easy for government agencies to implement a FIPS-secure wireless network. Plug-and-play access point auto configuration and patented MeshConnex/ORLA™ technology greatly reduces the time required to build out the largest scale indoor and outdoor multi-site distributed networks. Robust security technology means protection begins at the wireless network edge. Smart RF technology allows the network to automatically tune itself to maintain performance despite RF changes. And end-to-end tools help with proper network design to day-to-day management.

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Wing 5 Distributed Firewall

WiNG 5.5 dramatically increases security by extending protection right to the edge of your network. Every access point becomes a part of your firewall, preventing threats from entering your network unlike centralized WLAN architectures that allow threats to travel through your access points until they reach a controller, where they are finally terminated by a centralized firewall. In addition, the ability to extend firewall policy enforcement beyond corporate-owned mobile devices to personal devices that are owned by your workers helps enterprises drive mobile device costs down with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, without sacrificing data security.

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Proximity Awareness and Analytics

Interact with Wi-Fi to engage your shoppers, improve service, optimize facility design, maximize resource utilization and sharpen insights. Zebra Technology’s Proximity Awareness and Analytics uses data from your WLAN network to boost your business performance by improving awareness of customer presence, identifying trends, speeding responses and increasing the frequency and quality of your shoppers interactions.

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Secure Access Enrollment Server

Providing guest access is desirable; provisioning guest accounts is frustrating. Secure Access Enrollment Server simplifies employee BYOD and guest on-boarding by automatically moving guests to an encrypted WPA2-Enterprise wireless network without the need to provision an account and generate yet another set of credentials. Guests can also authenticate via external sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Google, eliminating the need for separately provisioning guests.

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WLAN Software Support

Keep your Zebra Wireless LAN up and running with the most current software releases. Our WLAN Software Support service provides the most cost-effective way to keep your wireless system updated and help ensure that your wireless infrastructure continues to run at optimal efficiency. This service helps to optimize network uptime, with around-the-clock access to technical experts and anytime access to software releases.



Our services help you through each phase of your technology’s lifecycle so you can plan your communications solution to fit your organization’s current and future needs.