Infection prevention strategies in the mobile world

Mobile computing within healthcare is on the rise – make sure your infection prevention protocols include mobile devices

Over a million patients in the United States are affected by healthcare associated infections (HAIs) every year – and over a third of these could be prevented. Adhering to strict infection prevention guidelines could stop many people from contracting what are largely preventable infections.

The use of mobile devices in hospitals has risen significantly in recent years, but although cell phones, tablets, mobile computers and printers have improved patient care, they also could harbor harmful microorganisms – and this could mean risks for patients.

In this paper, internationally recognized cleaning and infection prevention expert, Darrel Hicks, gives advice on how healthcare providers can fully disinfect their mobile devices, including:

  • How daily cleaning with microfiber cloths could help fight against infection

  • The difference between high-, medium- and low-level disinfection

  • The right cleaning products, techniques and tools to help avoid infection and get the best results